Calls for Trump to drop out, but no comparison to Torricelli

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

Radio talker Hugh Hewitt, who was against Trump before he was a surrogate for him, is now asking for him to drop out. In doing so, Hewitt mentioned Bob Torricelli, the former U.S. senator from New Jersey who dropped out of his re-election bid 35 days before the election in 2002. It’s not exactly a match. Douglas Forrester, a Republican, was leading the polls against Torricelli who was admonished by the toothless Senate Ethics Committee for buying a TV and CD player below market price from a businessman who pleaded guilty to illegally funding $53,000 to Torricelli’s 1996 campaign.

New Jersey law says if a candidate drops out less than 51 days before the election the candidate cannot be replaced on the ballot. The New Jersey Supreme Court, known for its cockeyed rulings, ignored that and allowed Democrats to put in Frank Lautenberg, who served 18 years in the Senate before saying he was tired of it and quitting. Some ballots were printed for voters living overseas. The high court said the state could reprint them at a cost of $800,000 and send new ones.

Trump says he does not quit. Early voting means some folks already are casting ballots. Republicans would have to litigate state by state to change things. Lots of people are calling for Trump to step aside, media talkers and candidates for other offices, probably mostly to save themselves.

BookCoverFor more on that Torricelli race and the N.J. Supreme Court which has shown so little respect for law, read “The Soprano State.”

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