Philly deserves to be flying high

Unknown-1It is fitting and right that a backup quarterback who considered leaving the game was thrust onto an international stage to lead a team trying for decades to win a title for a big city of small communities with warm and friendly, unpretentious people. In Jersey we ask “What’s your exit?” They ask “Which church?” After the victory, QB Nick Foles seemed more joyed by his baby daughter Lily’s fascination with the confetti and noise and flashing lights. You gotta love that.

A story book ending for a place that accurately can be called the cradle of our liberty. Hard to find a place with more of our history. Add this game to the list.

Yo Philly! Enjoy every second of it.

A tense Barcelona awaits next move

BARCELONA — The federal government in Madrid is unhappy with the separtist movement centered here and  is threatening to take over all powers if it is not ended. The people of the Catalonia region say no way and they will hold their ground. This beautifil seaport city is tense with no one sure what happens…Continue Reading

Religion for entertainment is strange to me

There are thousands of churches and other houses of worship across the land that look out for each other and the community. They sit with the ill and they comfort people during difficult times. They man the lines at food kitchens. They donate clothes to the poor. They give shelter to the homeless. They teach…Continue Reading

Sessions dances for his dinner amid talk of leaks

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is trying to get back into Trump’s good graces by launching war on leakers. Trump has questioned why Session wasn’t doing anything about leakers. There are leaks that are injurious to the country. That should not happen, it endangers personnel and projects. Others are not security oriented and only expose lies by…Continue Reading

Getting caught in an electronics ban on Qatar Airways

Imagine being deep in the African bush,  tracking one of the rare white lions of the Timbavati when a wisp of satellite Internet brings urgent words of bad news from travel guru Joe Brancatelli, editor of JoeSentMe, bible of business travelers worldwide. New U.S. government rules coming, he wrote, for traveling with electronic devices. He…Continue Reading

Poll: Americans trust media more than Trump

The Monmouth University Poll pitted media against President Trump and Americans choose media as more trustworthy every time. ABC 53%, Trump 28% MSNBC 47%, Trump 33% Fox 37%, Trump 17%   “The poll also tested the three media sources against one another and found that ABC is more trusted than either Fox (44% to 32%)…Continue Reading