When going gets tough, Trump hits the campaign trail

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

When President Trump feels the heat, he runs to one of the dwindling places he maintains support and gives an anti-Hillary speech to an audience of sycophants — people who say, with pride, Trump took the country out of a coalition of nations trying to save the world’s future from air pollution. He goes into his victim act and calls for the 30,000 emails and says the Russia thing is fake.

He yells “Are there Russians in West Virginia?” as if there were some relevance of if they were they would raise their hands. It makes no difference. We know about the Russians in Florida who overpaid Trump for a house. There were Russians in Trump Tower with Jr. and other Trumpees who changed the story about that meeting every time it came up. We know he runs his mouth about our trusted allies but can’t find a bad thing to say about a dictator named Putin who sees the USA as standing between him and making Russia great again. Trump is obsessed with the Russia investigation and intelligent people ask why. If there is no Russian influence logic dictates he would welcome a thorough probe to clear his name and settle it once and for all. 

He felt the pressure so he ran off to West Virginia, where he has 60 percent approval, to deliver a campaign speech to people who see it as a free concert. They know their role is to cheer and shout. And they cheered him and shouted old campaign slogans, wore red hats made overseas and massaged his giant ego.  And for a few minutes he forgot about the grand juries and the people around him being subpoenaed. Like an alcoholic and a bottle of rum.

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