Trump should hope he could be 10 percent of the man Lewis is

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to……

Journalist Bob Ingle and civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis.
Journalist Bob Ingle and civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis.

Trump tweeted that: Predictable. Expected. Typical.

Trump can’t stand people making negative comments about him. Acting like a spoiled brat, in his fantasy world he hasn’t filed for bankruptcy multiple times and doesn’t owe people around the globe millions. Devoid of class amidst no evidence of the education he claims, he surrounds himself with gold-plated tackiness he thinks will impress the “little people.” There is no evidence he ever put himself in harm’s way for something he stood for — or for that matter, ever stood for anything but himself and his greed and the image he wants to project so he can sell it.

A pathological liar, he constantly goes about it even when there is video to show what he is saying isn’t true. He often talks about things he has no real knowledge of. That remark about Lewis’ Fifth District, for instance. Trump said it was in decay. The Fifth contains some of the highest real estate values in the Atlanta area — wonderful family-oriented park-filled communities with houses often exceeding $1 million. It’s a destination for tourists and locals.

Trump praises Putin, a brutal dictator in a country dedicated to ending democracies around the world, including ours, as he demeans the dedicated men and women in our country’s intelligence agencies, many of whom put their lives on the line and have died for us, often anonymously.

He scoffs at rules and laws and traditions put in place to assure transparency in an attempt to keep politicians honest. He thinks he’s above mere man-made laws.

John Lewis is a beloved civil rights icon around the planet wherever people yearn to be free. He stood up to fight when it counted, displayed guts in a time it took guts to have guts. Honest and courageous, quiet spoken with a gentleness that belies the awful brutality he suffered and witnessed, Lewis will be remembered as a man who worked his entire life for justice and to make the world a better place for everybody. He is walking history. And also a friend. I have known him since he was on the Atlanta City Council, about 35 years, and never once did he display anything but integrity in private or public life or failed to show concern for the plight of ordinary people.

Trump should hope when they tally up his accomplishments he has 10 percent of what Lewis did.

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