Sessions dances for his dinner amid talk of leaks

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is trying to get back into Trump’s good graces by launching war on leakers. Trump has questioned why Session wasn’t doing anything about leakers. There are leaks that are injurious to the country. That should not happen, it endangers personnel and projects.¬†Others are not security oriented and only expose lies by government workers like Sessions, Trump and others working for taxpayers. No one is in danger, but them and their credibility. That’s usually called whistle-blowing. Officials won’t have a problem with it if the people they don’t like are the ones embarrassed.

So much government work is classified, not because it needs to be to protect national interests, but to protect government incompetence.

Trump doesn’t like that his conversations with world leaders were leaked. They’re trying to make us think that was done by our intelligence community, which has been criticized by Trump for saying Russia interfered with our election.¬†We have seen no proof leaks were by US intelligence employees.

It could be the revolving WH staff, the staffs of the foreign governments, foreign intelligence or Trump himself. Check out his Tweets. At any rate, the nation was not put in danger, but Trump looked weak and silly.

Sessions said they may look at the policy of prosecuting journalists who won’t give up sources. Press freedom is a cornerstone of our democracy. That’s why it is a part of the First Amendment. Reporters throughout our history have gone to jail to defend it. If governments were open with their people instead of lying to cover their asses leaks wouldn’t be necessary.

Of note, after their pronouncement, Sessions and nation al Intelligence chief Dan Coats left the room without taking questions. Session did his little dance for an audience of one, he saw no need to.

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