Poll: Americans trust media more than Trump

The Monmouth University Poll pitted media against President Trump and Americans choose media as more trustworthy every time.

ABC 53%, Trump 28%

MSNBC 47%, Trump 33%

Fox 37%, Trump 17%


“The poll also tested the three media sources against one another and found that ABC is more trusted than either Fox (44% to 32%) or MSNBC (36% to 18%). Fox and MSNBC are tied (39% to 39%) when they are pitted against one another on the trust metric. … Republicans trust Fox (67%) more than MSNBC (10%) while Democrats trust MSNBC (67%) more than Fox (19%) by a similar margin. However, while Republicans put more credence in information they get from Fox (65%) over ABC (16%), Democrats actually give ABC (41%) the edge over MSNBC (25%) when it comes to trust in the information each news outlet provides,” the poll said.

“It is an understatement to say the new administration’s relationship with the fourth estate has not cannot be characterized as friendly or even respectful. This ugliness has hurt each side’s reputation,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

“Trust in the media is really dependent on the source. It is interesting that Democrats are more likely to give a credibility edge to an outlet that is seen as more mainstream over one whose political perspective is more in line with their own. Most Republicans, on the other hand, seem to assume that every source that isn’t conservative must, by definition, have a liberal bias and is therefore less trustworthy. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground for them,” said Murray.

More than 60% of American think TV and newspapers report “fake news”. Republicans and non-affiliated are  more likely than Democrats to say major media outlets transmit fake news.             

“Many Americans believe that fake news is rampant across all types of media. The main outcome of this phenomenon seems to be that all news media outlets are now eyed with suspicion,” said Murray.


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